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100 Days with PinkathonForever – Joyce Nunes

Hi Pinkies!!
Yeah,I’ve done it!!!
My story may be an unusual one for sure! Right from a complicated pregnancy to delivery to continued blood loss for 6 months when I wasn’t even able to lift myself up from bed. After constant motivation form my boss Mr Stanly Gomes, I decided to join my company after 9 long years. My happiness lasted for only months, because I fell in bed. I can still remember the day- it was my daughter’s 1st birthday,when I was carrying her and I fainted with her in my arms and she was hurt and left with a bleeding nose.
In February 2016, I completely gave up hope of living. I would always feel that this is the end, until my friend Rajbinder Mathais guided me to join Pinkathon and that was the turning point. I give all the credit to Raji, my friend and mentor because of whom I’m here today. Ajit Pathak, who has been there through out my ups and downs,his guidance and support has always helped me. Suvarna Joshi, who motivated me in the starting months and also Daksha, who has been a role model, and who in spite of her age, does well. I wish to thank Priyaa Joseph, too, who has played the most important part of guiding motivating and inspiring me. I have completed my 100 Days Challange with a total of 1097.43 Kms and I feel proud to have been a part of this challenge. Running has changed my life not only from fat to fit, but I rarely suffer from asthma attacks now.
I do not need to rely on my hubby or mom to lift me up, I can do it myself. I have glowing skin and have also a lost lot of inches. I am suffering with some problem with my uterus, but running keeps me going . Ladies- do inspire people to run! It has done wonders for my life and I’m sure it will help them too!
I would like to thank Milind Soman for starting this campaign.
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