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Run for Awareness, Run for Pride <3

100 Days with PinkathonFOREVER!

Begin. Adapt. Survive. Triumph. that’s Is the journey of every success. ~ Milind Soman, founder of Pinkathon

We are starting 100 days with PinkathonFOREVER from 23rd September 2016 to 31st December 2016. We have received 500 + registrations from all over India. The expectation is to run minimum 2 kilometers or more a day for the next 100 days as a part of Pinkathon’s ongoing training program.

Every Runner should have a Goal in mind, it can be to improve endurance or Speed or Lose Weight or just to feel FABULOUS!!!

Pinkathon training started in Mumbai, Vile Parle sometime in the early part of last year with a handful of runners who came every Saturday morning at 5:30 am with the single focus of improving their personal fitness. Slowly and steadily the group grew to 25, then to 50, soon to 100 and finally 250 odd women runners. We later created location-specific groups all over Mumbai starting from Mira Bhyander to Dadar and Dombivali to Dadar, and all groups are lead by Pinkathon Ambassadors. The intent was to team up in the morning or on the previous night and run daily. Today we are connected to 600 + women on group chats and over 2700 runners on our Facebook Page consisting of all age groups.

Starting from 14th July, this tear we ran the “100 Kilometers Challenge in 30 days with Pinkathon”, the challenge was to Run 100 kms in 30 days. A lot of runners completed this challenge and not just ran 100 kms but also exceeded the goal of 100 kms. On 16th August we ran ” Rediscover Yourself with Pinkathon”. Here the runners participated in runs ranging from 100 to 200 or 300 kms in 30 days and stretched their limits. After the tremendous support in the previous challenges and keeping the movement up and running, we created the last challenge for the year “100 Days With Pinkathon” which has a Running format that includes, Interval training , sprint, short and long runs. The target here will be to complete 20 or 40 or 60 kms a week and have an injury free run. Registration for the run ends on 22nd September and Officially the challenge starts on 23rd September and ends on 31st December and 1st January 2017 we will celebrate our 100 days of Running with Pinkathon. We will have a Self Declaration tracker to track the distance run for the next 100 days. All the Runners who complete the challenge will be awarded.

So now we have a Goal and a Plan to execute our 100 days With Pinkathon. We believe every woman is a mother or a daughter or a sister or a wife and then a woman, So here is an opportunity – come forward to improve your own fitness with Pinkathon.

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