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#100Days with PinkathonForever – Aditi Datta

I dared to take the 100 days challenge which started on 23 September 2016.

I am a woman who takes decisions on impulse and without any second thought I took up this challenge without bothering how and when and what will be the challenges to complete this.

I took up running on a serious note from August 2016 and this challenge only made me sincere, disciplined and committed to my goals in life.




I started running for two reasons:

  1.  I am restless soul and need some or the activity to keep me engaged. My evenings after work were usually hanging around with friends over a drink or coffee. Soon the friends pursued their career and moved to other companies or cities leaving me alone with some free time. I decided to utilize this time training for running with my coach.
  2. Although I am a very active person, I was still overweight. And with all the evenings out eating junk had added on to it. My nick name in office and among friends was “Moti”. I hated it but just to play along I accepted it with a sweet smile.

What changed when I started running?

  1. Nothing seemed impossible. I was waking up at 5 AM diligently to go for my runs because that was the only time I was free. And the days I missed the mornings, I ensure I run half way from office with my bag and sandals in hand. I had endless arguments with my mother in law for going for a run late nights.
  2. People have stopped calling me “Moti” not that I have become very skinny but for the fact they appreciate my dedication and passion for running.
  3. I am more positive, always smiling and a happier person. Well this is the feedback I get from lot of people.
  4. The compliments have changed from cute and beautiful to “Aditi, you look so vibrant”.  And honestly I prefer hearing that.
  5. I am strong..very strong emotionally and physically.
  6. My family is very proud of me. I overhear them talking to others on how I am so disciplined and the body I have achieved now is pure hard work.  They too have started preaching about the benefits about running
  7. Running is not easy and so is life. Running has taught me to endure challenges and not giving up attitude. I happily accept challenges and I know I will succeed.
  1. From August 2016 until now have done 9 Marathons out of which 2 are half marathons. I know people who have registered for Marathons just to check what the hell is so interesting about it and now they too have got hooked to it.
  2. En route my running journey I have lost couple of friends, reason being that I am no more spending late evenings at clubs or pubs and waking up early morning for the run is my priority.  I know somewhere down the line they too will join me for an early morning run.
  3. I have brisk walked on airports, shopping malls, ran thru traffic jams and god knows where all. There were times people were peeping from their cars mocking, giggling and at times just wondering what I was up to. But it did not make a difference. I have stopped being conscious and I do what I am supposed to do.
  4. I am running to keep myself fit, to be a strong woman, to keep my mind at peace, to drive away the anxiety, to be able to make better choices. I am running for the other women who want to take that one step towards their fitness.
  5. Running is my way to de-stress. I am lost in my thoughts and I see my future shaping up right in front of my eyes. I don’t fear and I don’t doubt myself anymore. If I can run 21 KM, I can take on anything in the world.

Thanks to Ajit Pathak for having the faith in me to carry the title of the “Pinkathon Ambassador”. It makes us do unbelievable things at times. Thanks to Milind Soman and team for this great initiative and for spreading the Pinkathon vision.  


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