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Run for Awareness, Run for Pride <3

#100Days with PinkathonForever – Kamakshi Soni

I can dare to run 100 days!
Its when we all have completed our challenge..I would like to share what I achieved!My goal was to complete this challenge but as I was going ahead towards my target, its unbelievable what I achieved!!!

1.STAMINA:- I used to run twice or thrice a week,for maximum 5 kms earlier but after 1-2 kms I used to start walking as couldn’t stretch more,but now I can run more than 10 kms run continously without even a water-break.!!!!!
2.PACE:-  As the stamina built, my body got used to running daily and automatically my pace increased! Completed 10 kms earlier in 80 mins,which I now complete in 66 mins!!
3.GOING THE DISTANCE:- I was the one who use to run max 5 kms thrice a week with efforts. Also, running 10 kms was only in marathons and even 100 meters more was a difficult part of me but this challenge made my body so stubborn that doing a minimum of 10 kms and max of 18 kms on every weekend is a habit for me now!!
4.CONFIDENCE:-  I gained confidence in running and realized my potential only after this challenge, as running 10 kms was like feeling on top of the world for me, but now I gained courage for running for my first half marathon which I did recently that too in 2 hrs 24 mins 46 sec.This is ultimate!!!
Last year’s Pinkathon was a debut run of 3 kms for me.I never knew within a year, that too in these recent three months of challenge I will be ready to run 21 kms.
Now its my habit to run almost daily that too with minimum of 5kms…for me itself this is unbelievable!!
I TRULY LOVED 100 DAYS PINKATHON CHALLENGE Great respect and thanks to my boss and friend Dilip Gala who inspired, motivated and encouraged me to run.
All thanks to my friend Manisha Gala who introduced me to the Pinkathon Forever group. Big thank-you to Ajit Pathak for inspiring and training me through Whatsapp. ULTIMATE THANKS TO MILIND SOMAN FOR CREATING THIS AWARENESS AND MAKING PINKATHON..I made new friends through 100 days challenge, all the lovely ambassadors especially Anu, Anjali, inspiring runners Sharmila Munj, Sonia Kulkarni and Aparna Bhingarkar!!!


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