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#100Days with PinkathonForever – Ruchi Chopra

I dared to run 100 days of PinkathonFOREVER.

Celebrating 100 days of Pinkathon.. Here is my story….. Thanks everyone!!

It’s a common theme among the running community: ask almost any runner how they got started with the sport and many times the response will start with something like, “Well actually, I used to hate running…”

I myself am even guilty of this cliché.

The lesson to be learned from it, though, is that when you’re just starting out, running kind of sucks. It sucks enough to sincerely make you believe that there’s no way it could ever be enjoyable.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a total exercise enthusiast or a couch potato on a mission to get in shape: if you’re new to running, it’s probably going to beat you up a bit.

It’ll take a little bit of time and effort before you start to feel like a regular.

All of the runners who shared their stories know this all too well.

• “I run because it helps me to clear my head of any worries that I may have been carrying throughout the day. For those 30 to 60 minutes, I feel completely in control and able to focus. There is seriously nothing like it :)”

• “I have been overweight so running was my ultimate fear. I was horrified at the idea of someone seeing me run, I cringed at the thought of putting so much pressure on my knees, and the thought of the pain I’d feel in my chest gave me nightmares. That being said, I had to do it. I knew that if I could conquer my fear of running, I could do anything. Running has opened a lot of doors for me, both physically and mentally. I lost 12 KGS and gained an ‘I’m a badass’ attitude. I run 5k to 10k every morning and it allows me that ‘I can take over the world’ feeling that I love to start my day with. I love the burn. I really fell in love with running.

• “I started running for my health, and kept running for my sanity. The peaceful feeling I feel after I run makes it all worth it.

• “I ran all through short distances like three to five miles. Now that I’m approaching 37 and had my daughter I’ve gone onto half marathons for the ‘me’ time. My Saturday long runs are so relaxing and the time I get to unwind!”

• “I always thought that running was one of the worst things—it was used as ‘punishment’ during my school days. No one was more surprised than me when 6 months back I suddenly got out for a run. After struggling with depression and anxiety for years, I was watching many ppl running marathons and I was so inspired I thought ‘Why not give it a go?’ So I did. And I loved it!


So why do I run? I run, because without running I feel lost. I run because it is my meditation, my therapy and my precious me-time. But it is also my biggest passion, pure joy, a way for myself to see my own strengths (which I didn’t think I had), and a great way to explore my surroundings wherever I go in the world. To me, running was the answer to the question I asked myself too many times while struggling with my depression: ‘Why?'”

• “It makes me feel free, stress-free. I feel like I’m soaring and everybody is a blur when I pass them. I feel happy when people are amazed at how fast and far I can run. I feel on top of the world. So to sum it up, I’m a better person when I run.”

• “I thought running would help me run away from my problems but it actually made me face them and run at them head on!”

• “I run because there was a time when I couldn’t, and I don’t want to take my ability for granted.”

• “I started running alone in June but know I have many friends.

Special thanks to Milind Soman, my mentor, my guru… Ajit for adding me to Pinkathon group..

Would like to thank Anuradha for helping me in this journey…

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