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Visually Impaired & Hearing Impaired

While our main focus is on the sport, the truth is, sports are simply the tool for accomplishing a bigger goal, to bring hope, inspiration and the joys of achievement to Persons with Disabilities. Persons with Disabilities run for many reasons and with many goals, to improve physical strength; to build confidence. What is really special is the sense of friendship, encouragement, and community that people find while running. We believe that sports help us understand different people and surroundings better. Running together encourages empathy, discovering more about yourself and your partner. It creates awareness at many levels that help break perceptions of stereotypes and bring about social transformation.

Running is a great way for Persons with Disabilities to mingle in the mainstream. Many of them, especially in India, struggle with establishing contact with the rest of the community and often live isolated lives. Simple sports like running help them break free of these barriers, engage with the outside world, realize their capabilities and create friendships. It helps their self belief, helps them to communicate their view of world, and helps them to think of themselves as change-makers.