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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How can I register? & What is the last date to submit entries for each race categories of Mumbai Pinkathon?
    You can register online here till Thursday, 8th December 2016 or as soon as running places are filled, whichever is earlier.
  • What are the Run categories for Pinkathon?
    The Run registration categories are V Wash Plus 3k, Mia by Tanishq 5K, & Sofit 10Km
  • What are the types of Registrations?
    Individual Registration – Registration fee of INR 655/- for all participants. The registration fees for Mumbai & Bengaluru is Rs. 700. Additional INR 250/- for Bib tag if one wants to compete in the race, get timed rank and their individual time of the race.

    Corporate Registrations – Corporate Employees can register as a group through this link. Registration fee of INR 655/- for all participants. Additional INR 250/- for Bib tag if one wants to compete in the race, get an timed rank and their individual time of the race. Here the name of the Corporate is asked to each individual. The Corporate with the highest registrations, wins the Maximus Registrations trophy of Pinkathon of that particular city.

    Registration For Students- Registration fee for students is INR 355/- per student. There is a special mother daughter offer where in if the student registers for INR 355/-, The mother can register herself for INR 300/-. This can be availed by registering offline. To register please contact Akshita Menon, Contact No.: +91 8879943653
  • What is the minimum age to participate in the Pinkathon?
    This event does not have an upper age but girls under 13 are not suggested to participate alone. Their mothers have to accompany them in the same category run.
  • Do I need a Bib tag to be eligible for competition?
    Yes. To compete for the first 3 places in the 3 categories, you will need a Bib tag. Ranks will be given to those with Bib tags only.
  • Will I be ranked without a Bib tag?
    No. Your official time & rank will be available to you only if you purchase a Bib tag.
  • Can men participate in the run?
    NO, men cannot participate in the run. It is an ALL WOMEN’S RUN. We request the men not to register.
  • What if a male participant has registered for the run?
    If a male participant has registered for the run, he could transfer his registration to a female friend or family member instead.
  • How can I make payment?
    You can make payment by Visa, Mastercard, American Express , Bank Transfer, Cash (only Indian Rupee currency will be accepted), Cheque (only local cheques will be accepted), Demand Draft (payable at Pune) or ITZCash through the online payment portal which you will be directed to after you’ve duly completed your registration. Note : All cheques and demand drafts to be drawn in favour of “United Sisters Foundation”. Also write your full name, the race category chosen and contact number on reverse of cheque/demand draft.
  • How can I register for a group?
    You can register for a group of 10 people or more online, here
  • How will I know that my entry has been accepted?
    You will receive a confirmation mail upon your successful registration. You can take a print out of the mail, which will be needed at the time of bib collection at the Pink Carnival. You could also present the confirmation received by mail on your phone.
  • Do I get a refund if I choose not to participate after registration?
    No, there is no refund available for anyone, once registration is done. The city police department reserves the right to cancel permission for the event at any time. In such a situation, or in case the event date or location is changed due to political rally, natural disaster, or any other event outside the control of the organisers, the organisers will hold the event at the next available and convenient date. In such a case there will be no refund of registration fees.
  • Can I change race categories once I have registered?
    For change in race category, you can call on 8879943653 or can mail at
  • Can I make changes to my personal details after registration?
    Yes, you can make the changes. You can either call on 8879943653 or can mail at
  • Can I join multiple race categories?
    You can register for more than one category. However you will have to create a new registration for the second category and make payment for the same. Also, you will not be eligible for competition.
  • Why is it that I have not received my confirmation email despite registering and making payment?
    There could be several reasons:
    The email has been blocked by your mail server or treated as spam. The email has gone directly to your junk mail. Please check your junk mail in this case. Error in email id given at the time of registration. You could contact team Pinkathon at with the following details: Full Name Run category Transaction details or can call on 8879943653.
  • Can I transfer my registration to someone else?
    Yes, you can transfer your registration to any other person. You can either call on 8879943653 or can mail at
  • What is the cost of registration in Pinkathon?
    INR 655. The registration fees for Mumbai & Bengaluru is Rs. 700. Part of this amount goes to Women’s Cancer Initiative.
  • Am I entitled to any discount?
    There are no discounts we provide. But, we do have an early bird offer for all cities where one can register and one can nominate a person for free. This offer is valid for a specific time in all cities.
  • How does the corporate registration work?
    A representative from the corporate can log on to our website and fill in a form with their details and details of the organization that wants to participate. A confirmation call will then be made to you by our team post which a special registration link for your company will be created. This link can be circulated within your organization and women can register individually through that link. You will need to mention how your organization is going to make the payment for the registrations done by the employees.
  • Will each participant get an individual confirmation email?
    Yes, once the registration process is complete and the registration fee payment is processed, each participant will get an individual email confirmation.
  • Can I register on race day of the event?
    No. Requests for registration will not be entertained post closure of respective registration dates.
  • In whose name should the entry fee cheque or demand draft be made?
    All cheques /demand draft to be drawn in favour of “United Sisters Foundation”
  • How do I change my run category once registered?
    You can send a mail to for changes in the run category.

Event Day

  • When is Pinkathon being held in 2016 - 2017?
    Delhi: 4th September, 2016, Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

    Tentative Dates
    Guwahati - 18th September, 2016
    Pune - 13th November, 2016
    Mumbai - 18th December, 2016
    Bangalore - 29th January, 2017
    Kolkatta - 19th February, 2017
    Hyderabad - 12th March, 2017
  • Where will the run be held?
    Pune - IISER Ground, Pashan
    Mumbai - MMRDA Ground, BKC
    Bangalore - KTPO, Whitefield
    Hyderabad - People's Plaza Ground
    Chennai - Island Grounds, Park Town
  • How many race categories are there?
    There are three Race categories: 10K. & Mia by Tanishq 5K & V Wash Plus 3 K
  • When will I get a timing certificate?
    You can get the timing certificate 1 week after the run on the following url:
  • What do I get when I come to collect my running bib?
    You get a running bib no, a t-shirt & a goodie bag.
  • Will there be any water stations during the run?
    Yes. There will be water pit stops all around the running course.
  • When will I get a participation (non - timing) certificate?
    You can get the participation certificate 1 week after the run on the following url:
  • Is there any transportation organized before & after the event?
    No. Participants will have to make their own travel arrangements.
  • Will there be car parking facilities around the venue?
  • Is there a baggage check - in counter at the race?
    1. Yes, there is a baggage counter at the entrance of the venue. 2. *counters will only accept items secured in bag(s). runners must collect an official baggage tag at the counter and attach it to the bags. 3. While maximum care and security will be enforced, the organizers will not be responsible for any loss or damaged items or delay in retrieving the bags. Participants are advised to arrive 1 hour before the start time, if they have baggage.
  • Is there a changing room at the venue?
  • Will there be a prize distribution ceremony?
  • What if I am injured during the race?
    There is first aid facility available at the venue. Ambulances are also arranged in case of any severe medical condition.
  • Do I need a Bib tag to be eligible for competition?
    Yes, you need to run with a Bib tag to be eligible for competition.
  • What is the cost of the Bib tag?
    The Bib tag costs INR 250/-
  • Where can I buy/collect the Bib tag?
    You can buy the Bib tag either online or at the Pink Carnival (Bib Expo) when you come to collect your bib.
  • Will I get directions on how to use the Bib tag?
    Yes, you will be directed on the use of the Bib tag when you come to collect the same with your running bib number.
  • What time is the flag-off?
    Shortly after the assembly time.


  • How can I register for training?
    You can opt for the training session while filling the form online.
  • What will be the charges for the training?
    The training is free, up to the 10K distance, according to the schedules of the coach. However, if you need the training in a particular area, or for a distance of more than 10K, for eg a half or full marathon, charges will be involved at the discretion of the coach.
  • What will be the intensity of training and what is the time period?
    Training varies from beginner to advance level and will be divided in groups as per fitness level. Initially these will be once a week.
  • Can I change my training location once registered?
    The training happens in 3 – 4 locations in each city, please get in touch with your city coach for the area closest to you or for further information.
  • Whom can I contact in case of any query?
    You can call on 8879943653/59/60
  • Will I get a training schedule?
    An sms and email for the training schedule is sent to all the participants who opted for training sessions in the form. It is updated on website and facebook page for the same.
  • Is this program only for beginners or runners who want to improve speed can also join?
    Anyone can join this program. But one should be regular if working on a goal oriented program.

Fund Raising

  • How can I create my fundraising campaign?
    To create fundraising campaign, write in to
  • Is there tax benefit on the contributions? Who will send the tax refund receipt to my contributors?
    Yes, absolutely. The contributors will be give tax refund receipts, which will be sent to them directly by the charity