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Training Visually Impaired Girls & Guide Runners | Pinkathon Training Girls Bangalore

Giving visually impaired girls a chance to train, run to full potential!!

When you have so much determination and absolutely nothing to stop you, great things can be achieved!

While training non­runner women to run is not an easy task, training visually impaired girls from an under­privileged background can be a tad bit challenging! (And very exciting too!)

Encouraged by the success of the expert based training for Pinkathon Girls ,  Bhumika Patel decided it was time to take up this incredible challenge of training visually impaired girls on running/fitness to bring out the best in them!

We met the girls a couple of times and understood what kind of challenges await us. Looking at their super excited spirit we learnt that most of them have run Pinkathon 3k/5kms/10kms in the last 2 yrs but have found it difficult to incorporate FITNESS into their routine. We plan to make that possible and help them attain their full potential.

As a start, these are some of our focus areas:

During the process, we learnt that it is super important to have a trusted relationship with the guide. So we started with a small group of girls keeping a guide ­ girl ratio of 3:1. Understanding their preferred spoken language to bring them into a small comfort zone and then assign guides who speak that particular language.

Becoming a Guide Runner-

It takes a special type of person to guide a visually impaired runner as not only do they have to think about their own running, but they must be the eyes for somebody else who is depending on them to feedback what is going on. To enable this, we are using past experience and understanding guiding other visually challenged runners such as Raghavendra Peri, who went on to completing a Half marathon (21km) in 2013. (Isn’t that just awesome?)

Several activities are planned so they get the chance to experience guiding and being guided by each other. One of the eye-opening activities in training the guides is the blindfold walk.

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This is a weekly meet up for the training guide runners and the visually impaired girls and I feel super proud to see not just runners from across city but school & college girls too contributing their time for this cause!

Do you want to become a guide runner? CLICK HERE !

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