Pinkathon Pinkathon Pinkathon

Special Initiatives

Green water stations

The Pinkathon has developed various unique practices in an effort to be as socially responsible as possible while offering the best possible experience to participants. Green water stations having reusable cups, alongside regular water stations with plastic bottles, were started for the first time in Bengaluru in 2015 and we have been collaborating with the Waste Warriors to reduce our carbon footprint in every Pinkathon. We have done the same for Pinkathon Chennai and managed to save thousands of litre of water and huge amounts of plastic. We aim to give participants the choice to be responsible and take the eco-friendly option.

A Pacer with every Racer

The Pinkathon concept of ‘A Pacer with every Racer’ in the half marathon distance has been received with great enthusiasm in every city. Each pacer makes sure that the girl they are matched with is safe during the run and is able to perform her best in the event that she has trained so hard for.

Mammogram Tags

Medical/mammogram tags, will be available to all participants to collect from the medical counter at the main event. The Tags can be used to get a free consultation/checkup/mammogram at a city hospital. We have distributed over 50,000 Medical/ Mammogram Tags across Pinkathon cities in 2014.

The most important initiative is probably the post event year round training that is facilitated for the women who participate in the Pinkathon. We identify running groups across the city and then we put our participants who are interested in training, in touch with each of them as per the convenience of the participant. We have been building an entire women’s running community by motivating non-runners to come out and train.